Receive ERI’s Updated SBA Flowchart: Amended to Reflect the Current SBA SOP

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Guides, SBA

ERI has revised its SBA Flowchart to reflect the current SBA SOP (SOP 50 10 6, Oct. 1, 2020). If you would like to replace your existing ERI SBA flowchart with an updated version, we will be glad to send you the one below.

In addition to providing the level of environmental due diligence required by the SBA, the flowchart includes an updated list of industries identified as “Environmentally Sensitive,” as well as the following helpful tips.

Helpful Tips

  1. The Environmental Professional completing the Transaction Screen Assessment, Phase I ESA or Phase II ESA must provide a Reliance Letter and a Certificate demonstrating Professional Liability Insurance coverage.
  2. The Reliance Letter is not to be altered or modified from the SBA template.
  3. The date of the environmental assessment must be within the coverage period noted on the Certificate of Insurance.
  4. A lead risk assessment and testing for lead in drinking water are required for properties that will be occupied by childcare centers, nursery schools or residential facilities occupied by children that were constructed prior to 1978.
  5. A Phase II Subsurface Investigation, in addition to the Phase I ESA, is required for all properties with current or former dry cleaners that have used chlorinated and/or petroleum solvents onsite.
  6. In cases where the property owner or operator will not sign the Environmental Questionnaire, a Transaction Screen Assessment is the minimum level of due diligence required.
  7. For carwash-only facilities, a Transaction Screen Assessment is the minimum level of due diligence required. 
  8. In situations where the bank has environmental policies and procedures that are different than the SBA due diligence requirements noted above, then the more stringent of the two policies must be followed

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