Rapid, Affordable … Environmental Screen

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Assessments

In 2017, to meet the needs of ERI’s clients for a rapid, cost-effective environmental review for smaller commercial loans, ERI developed the Environmental Screen

Six years later, due to demand by several clients for an enhanced version of our original Environmental Screen, we developed the Environmental Screen Plus.

Both the Environmental Screen and Environmental Screen Plus include review of an 1/8-mile environmental regulatory database report and a risk determination by one of ERI’s seasoned Environmental Professionals. However, the Environmental Screen Plus also provides insight into past property use through a review of online historical aerial photographs. 

The Environmental Screen and Environmental Screen Plus can be provided in only two business days

In addition to being great tools for evaluating environmental risk associated with new loans, the Environmental Screen and Environmental Screen Plus are also useful for assessing risk for existing collateral, as they can be used to determine if any new environmental regulatory listings of concern have been identified on the collateral and nearby properties since loan origination. 

Thank you very much for your diligence and timing on this.  It is important to have such a reliable business partner!

John C. Klimowski, AVP, Senior Environmental Risk Officer, Fifth Third Bank

If the property is deemed high-risk, the basis for the risk determination is outlined by the Environmental Professional in a succinct narrative along with additional diligence steps necessary to further evaluate the environmental risk.