ERI Unveiled: A Playful Peek Behind the Environmental Risk Management Curtain

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Assessments, Interest

In the realm of environmental risk management, ERI refuses to be confined to the dull stereotypes often associated with the industry. Take a trip down memory lane to the hilarious Hollywood Squares: ERI edition, a five-year-old video that not only showcased the company’s lighter side but continues to embody the spirit of ERI today.

Picture This

Hollywood Squares, the iconic tic-tac-toe game show of the ’60s, revamped with an environmental twist. Greg Lathan, Founder and President of ERI, conceptualized the idea, replacing Hollywood stars with their own eco-celebrities. In a playful nod to the industry, Greg donned the hat of both host and “Lathan Greggs,” while Vice President Bill McGuiness took on the role of “Ernie the Environmental Risk Manager.”

From outrageous costumes to witty banter, the ERI team’s personalities shone through. Senior Vice President Karen Nelson, alias Credit Officer Kim, delivered the unforgettable line, “I just wear my banker hat,” adding a touch of humor to the serious world of environmental risk management. McGuiness took a lighthearted jab at the field’s acronym-heavy nature, noting that environmental consultants are identifiable by their penchant for acronyms like NFA, EPA, TCE, and MTBE.

Dispelling the myth that environmental risk management is an enigma, the Hollywood Squares video not only entertained but also informed. “Lathan Greggs” hinted at the various types of environmental assessments, shedding light on key features of ERM, including environmental risk questionnaires and Phase I Reviews.

Beyond the entertainment factor, ERI offers services that are as efficient as they are comical. Third-Party Environmental Report Reviews aid banks in interpreting Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Environmental Screenings with Risk Ratings boast a two-day turnaround, and even the extensive Regulatory Database Report Reviews are typically completed within three business days.

The Office Parody

But Hollywood Squares is just one gem in ERI’s video vault. Two years prior, the team brought humor to the technical realm with a parody of “The Office.” Aptly named “The ERI Office,” the video featured many familiar faces from Hollywood Squares, injecting laughter into the serious business of environmental risk management. Even in the supposedly unamusing realm of IT security, Steven Goode showcased ERI’s commitment to confidentiality through redundancy, as depicted in a behind-the-scenes snippet.

Both videos were collaborative efforts, with Greg Lathan’s visionary ideas brought to life by the entire team. Behind-the-scenes glimpses captured the camaraderie, from Steven Goode recording IT security insights to group script readings where laughter outweighed lines.

Despite the passage of time and changes in the team, the spirit of these satirical masterpieces endures within ERI’s culture. The details about the services offered in the videos remain relevant today, showcasing ERI’s commitment to consistency and innovation, exemplified by the Environmental Screen Plus.

Beyond the corporate facade, the ERI team knows how to let loose and have fun. They’ve successfully made environmental risk management not just engaging but downright exciting, fostering a culture of community and friendship. Five years on, ERI’s office environment is still infused with the same level of fun and camaraderie that the Hollywood Squares video captured so vividly.