ERI Supercharges its IT Infrastructure

In response to the increasing environmental risk management needs of ERI’s loyal client base, we strive to keep you apprised of recent expansion/upgrades to our Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. As you may be aware, ERI has maintained redundant internet service providers for several years.  In the event of a carrier outage, we can immediately convert to a secondary internet connection, ensuring ERI’s staff of environmental risk professionals is capable of providing continuous service to our clients. ERI recently upgraded its internet connection from a 35 Mbps x 5 Mbps to a 100 Mbps x 20 Mbps, dedicated fiber optic solution.

In “layperson terms,” this recent upgrade means a significant increase in the volume and speed at which ERI interacts with client IT systems.  We have now almost tripled the internet speed at which we can download reports from clients and more than quadrupled the speed at which we can upload reports/data back to you. Our new, faster fiber optic solution is also dedicated for ERI’s sole use. We do not share this bandwidth with any other nearby business, allowing us to maintain productivity during peak internet demand. This dedicated fiber optic connection also allows ERI to turn around multi-site environmental report reviews/portfolio reviews faster without sacrificing quality of work or impacting the security of your reports and documents.

ERI is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve when it comes to supporting your efforts to manage environmental risk.

In addition to our recent bandwidth upgrades, ERI also has the capability to deploy file portals or “private clouds” that will help facilitate communications by providing a central location to manage files between ERI and our clients.  Discrete logins can be provided to the client as well as specific project managers. A file portal can provide a centralized, secure alternative to email when transferring files, reports and information between ERI, commercial lenders and environmental consultants.  For example, if you engage ERI to review an entire portfolio of commercial property Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), for which many environmental consultants were involved, a portal or cloud can be established so that both you and ERI have access to the entire portal.  The environmental consultants are provided a code which ONLY grants them access to those ESAs which they performed. If you have a pending project which would be more easily and securely managed through the development of a private cloud and accessed by discrete log-in pass codes, please contact a member of the ERI team for assistance.

ERI is committed to staying  ahead of the technology curve when it comes to supporting your efforts to manage environmental risk. Our staff of experienced environmental risk managers, all permanent employees working together in the same geographic location, promotes a “tried and true” approach to peer review and resourcing sharing which enhances quality control and service delivery.