How We Treat Our Clients and Their Information

Security, Support and IT Capabilities

ERI is committed to supporting the needs of our clients and keeping your data secure by employing the following:

  • Dedicated IT Security Staff
  • Secure server with strong user password policies
  • Network based intrusion detection
  • Professionally managed firewall service
  • Logged network access
  • Physical access to building is logged
  • Proximity card required for building entry
  • Secure onsite document destruction
  • Employee background checks
  • Discrete database ordering to protect client identification

ERI also has the capability to deploy file portals or “private clouds” that will facilitate communications by providing a central location to manage information between ERI and our clients.  A file portal can provide a centralized, secure alternative to email when transferring reports and pertinent information between ERI, commercial lenders, and environmental consultants.

ERI also has the in-house capability to meet the criteria established by any bank’s IT security requirements and has worked closely with IT Management teams from our clients to ensure that their customer database and associated property lending information cannot be compromised. In many instances, ERI’s IT Management team have offered suggestions/solutions which have enhanced our banking customers ability to protect this information.  ERI maintains comprehensive security policies and utilizes third-party vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services to verify policy compliance, allowing ERI to address these vulnerabilities immediately. 

Private Clouds
ERI is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve when it comes to supporting your efforts to manage environmental risk. Our staff of experienced environmental risk managers, all permanent employees working together in the same geographic location, promotes a “tried and true” approach to peer review and resource sharing which enhances quality control and service delivery.

RSRAs and TSAs – The Similarities and Differences

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