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CIBC Bank USA Order Form

CIBC Bank USA Order Form

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Environmental Questionnaire Review

If the Environmental Questionnaire indicates concerns, forward to ERI for review.

Pricing / Turn Time (Consultation - ERI will assist with next level of Environmental Due Diligence.)

Environmental Screen

Includes a risk determination based on order and review of a 1/8-mile report of regulatory listings for the subject property and surrounding area. The Environmental Screen typically only indicates if a property is listed on a regulatory database and is used to determine whether or not additional information or assessment is needed to evaluate the risk.

Pricing / Turn Time ($75/site 2 business days)

Regulatory Database Report and Environmental Questionnaire Review

Includes review of a full Regulatory Database Report (1 mile radius), Environmental Questionnaire and readily available online aerial photographs.

Pricing / Turn Time ($275/site 3 business days)

Desktop Review / Records Search with Risk Assessment

Includes a review of an Environmental Questionnaire, Regulatory Database Report and historical sources (city directories, aerials or fire insurance maps). The database report is ordered from a contracted firm.

* Meets the U.S. Small Business Administration SOP.

Pricing / Turn Time ($550/site 5 business days Rush $200 with 3 business day turn)

Environmental Report Review

Includes Phase I and Phase II reports.

Pricing / Turn Time ($450 (Low Risk) $500 (High Risk) 3-5 business days Rush Next day turn - $200 2 business days - $100)

RDR Added to Environmental Report Review

(to update the regulatory information in a prior Phase I report)

Pricing / Turn Time ($250)

Phase I added to RSRA

Pricing / Turn Time ($300/site)

Phase I Bidding

Pricing / Turn Time ($125/site)

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Maximum file size: 250MB

Maximum file size: 250MB

Maximum file size: 250MB

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