For over twenty years, ERI has been dedicated to providing commercial lenders with effective and efficient due diligence services and guidance.   ERI is staffed with environmental professionals whose diverse experience and expertise enables ERI to offer a wide variety of traditional and progressive risk management services.   ERI is not a traditional environmental consulting firm that performs Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  As a result, ERI’s recommendations represent a truly independent, third party opinion that incorporates the environmental risk tolerance of the client bank.

ERI’s services include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Environmental Policy Development
  • Policy Implementation and Monitoring
  • Third Party Environmental Report Review
  • Regulatory Database Search and Risk Review
  • Multiple Site Portfolio Review
  • SBA Approved Record Search with Risk Assessment  (RSRA)
  • Historical Records Search with Risk Review (Desktop Review)
  • Regulatory Database Report with Risk Review
  • Environmental Risk Management Training
  • Commercial Appraisal Review

ERI’s diverse experience with numerous financial institutions enables ERI to address the specific environmental risk management needs of its client banks. For some community and regional banks, ERI serves as a complete outsourced environmental risk management department. For larger institutions, ERI provides capacity and support to internal environmental staff.  Whether it is environmental policy development, implementation, or capacity building, ERI’s extensive experience can ensure “best in class” environmental risk management for its client banks.