Managing environmental risk nationwide

Managing environmental risk nationwide

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ERI is staffed with environmental professionals whose diverse experience and expertise enables ERI to offer a wide variety of traditional and progressive risk management services. We are not a traditional environmental consulting firm that performs Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. As a result, ERI’s recommendations represent a truly independent, third party opinion that incorporates the environmental risk tolerance of the client bank.

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Desktop Reviews

A Desktop Review is another site screening tool that provides a lender with a brief site history along with known current and past regulatory issues without the time and expense of a site inspection.

Regulatory Database Reports

A Regulatory Database Report is intended to determine if a collateral property or any adjacent properties have been listed on any state, local or federal databases and if these listings provide an avenue for environmental liability.

SBA Approved RSRAs

An RSRA is a site screening tool prepared in accordance with environmental requirements detailed in the SBA SOP. This report provides a lender with a brief site history along with known current and past regulatory issues.

Third Party Reviews

The most common method of identifying environmental risk is through traditional site specific investigations such as Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Remedial Action Reports, and Regulatory Agency Correspondence.

Commercial Appraisal Reviews

Qualified appraisers will conduct independent commercial appraisal reviews to assess compliance with the Federal Reserve appraisal regulations and guidelines as well as professional standards.

Multiple Site Portfolio Reviews

ERI provides many lenders with the additional capacity to quickly process large portfolio transactions. We work with an urgency and dedication that is needed to process portfolio projects in a timely manner.

Policy Development

Environmental Policy is the first step to mitigating environmental risk. ERI works with numerous lenders to develop individualized environmental policies that fit within the client banks’ existing procedures and organizational structure.

Implementation & Monitoring

ERI advises lenders on the proper level of due diligence their institution requires based on the based on the bank’s risk tolerance. Various levels of due diligence can be triggered by loan amount, loan type, property use and the potential risk the property provides to the bank in the event of a default on the commercial loan.


From current environmental topics to internal policy questions, ERI can provide a bank’s staff with a wide variety of training programs in the environmental risk management field. Training seminars can be customized to address any topic of interest.

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