Environmental Risk Innovations (ERI) is the nation’s premier consulting firm that specializes in managing environmental risk for commercial lenders. We custom-tailor our environmental risk management support services to meet the needs of financial institutions based on their asset size, risk tolerance, business model, and internal structure.

Our Approach

ERI is not a traditional environmental consulting firm that performs Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. As a result, ERI’s recommendations represent a truly independent, third party opinion that incorporates the environmental risk tolerance of the client bank.

ERI assists financial institutions in the management of environmental risk via two primary avenues:

  • For commercial lenders that do not have internal environmental risk management staff, ERI provides “turn-key” environmental risk management services. This comprehensive approach provides a “one-stop shop” for commercial lenders, allowing them to focus on their core business of underwriting commercial loans. 
  • For commercial lenders that maintain internal environmental risk management staff, ERI provides support during periods of peak lending activity. ERI also provides staffing support and coverage on a temporary basis during internal staff fluctuations associated with attrition, vacation, or illness.  

Our Mission

ERI prides itself on customer service and flexibility to address each bank’s specific needs. We tailor our review process to meet the client bank’s environmental policy and risk tolerance and ensure that environmental risk is being managed in accordance with the bank’s guidelines. ERI understands that due diligence and environmental risk mitigation is just one of many important elements of a real estate transaction. ERI is familiar with the critical deadlines that loan officers face and the challenge to close a transaction in a timely manner. Our professionals are experienced in supplying high quality and rapid response due diligence to meet these deadlines.

Average Annual Phase I Reviews


Satisfied ERI Clients


Free Consultation

Do you have a potential property that needs a risk assessement?


Environmental Screen w/Risk Rating

An ⅛-mile regulatory database report review as a screening tool for new loans and renewals


Environmental Screen Plus

A ⅛-mile radius report + screening tool for low-risk collateral properties w/low loan amounts


Regulatory Database Report Review

A 1-mile radius report to determine if the property is listed on federal, state or local environmental databases


SBA Approved RSRAs

A comprehensive site screening tool with site history including regulatory issues without the time and expense of a site inspection


Third-Party Environmental Report Review (Phase I Reviews)

Traditional site-specific investigations with an Environmental Review Memorandum summary


Environmental Risk Management Policy Development

The first step to understanding and mitigating environmental risk


Policy Implementation & Maintenance

Save time and expenses while maintaining business goals


Environmental Risk Training

Customized training to address any topic of interest


Complimentary Client Support

Support throughout the process and after including policy training, regulatory updates and industry best practices


Multiple Site Portfolio Reviews

Large portfolio reviews processed in a timely manner and a digestible format


Commercial Appraisal Reviews

Qualified appraisers assess compliance with the Federal Reserve appraisal regulations 


Regulatory Agency Liaison

Considering acquiring a property with known contamination? ERI’s regulatory agency liaison support services can help


Physical Climate Risk Assessment

ERI’s Physical Climate Risk Assessment is an evaluation aimed at understanding the potential climate-related risks associated with a property


Environmental Risk Management Professionals…Working Together.

ERI’s Environmental Professionals include former environmental consultants (geologists, engineers, and environmental scientists), Environmental Risk Managers who formerly worked at banks, and former environmental state regulators. This diverse background, expertise and experience enables ERI to offer a wide variety of environmental risk management services.