ERI Takes Security Seriously

Charlotte, North Carolina - ERI’s experience in working with financial institutions has given us an appreciation of the need for data security.  We realize the importance of confidentiality in regards to bank documents and client data.  ERI’s personnel go through extensive background checks, security training, and data classification training to ensure consistency throughout the organization.  ERI’s security measures include multiple tiers of infrastructure, policies and standards to ensure high levels of data integrity and security.

The doors to the ERI office remain locked at all times.  Employees must present credentials to gain entry to the office.  Credentials may include a magnetic proximity card or user PIN.  Visitors are required to sign an entry log and are always accompanied by an employee.  All physical access is logged by ERI’s access control system and monitored by security staff. 

ERI’s personnel are thoroughly trained in data handling.  At the time of hire, a third party background check is performed.  Client data is distinguished by color coded folders and stored on-site.  Once the data retention period has concluded, files are destroyed on site and recycled.  In the event that an employee is terminated, physical and electronic access credentials are revoked.

All client data is stored on ERI’s secure servers.  Electronic security measures include, but are not limited to, strong user password policies, network-based intrusion detection systems, and professional managed firewall services.  Remote access to the network is controlled by strong two-factor authentication mechanisms requiring users to present two sets of credentials to gain access to company files. 

ERI has documented security policies and standards such as Change Control, Internet Access, Encryption Standards, Application Security Standards, Data-Handling, Extranet Security, Incident Response, Information Disposal, Termination, etc.  ERI’s policies and procedures are available upon request.

About Environmental Risk Innovations, LLC
For over a decade, ERI has been dedicated to providing commercial lenders with effective and efficient due diligence services and guidance.  ERI is staffed with environmental professionals whose diverse experience and expertise enable ERI to offer a wide variety of traditional and progressive risk management services.   ERI is not a traditional environmental consulting firm that performs Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  As a result, ERI’s recommendations represent a truly independent, third party opinion that incorporates the environmental risk tolerance of the client bank.

For more information on ERI's environmental consulting expertise, please contact Karen Connell at kconnell@eRiskInnovations.com or 866.913.9738.

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