ERI Adds Director of Business Development

Charlotte, North Carolina - Environmental Risk Innovations (ERI), the leader in providing environmental risk management services to commercial lenders, is proud to announce the addition of their new Director of Business Development, Emily Kennerley.

Emily Kennerley

As Director of Business Development for ERI, Mrs. Kennerley will be responsible for relationship management and project development. Emily and ERI's business development operations will be based out of Orange County, California.

Prior to her role in Business Development, Mrs. Kennerley spent 10 years working as a Senior Environmental Scientist, conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Environmental Database Reviews and Transaction Screen Assessments for individual and commercial banking clients.  Emily is proficient in interpreting the ASTM Standard E 1527, All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Final Rule, ASTM 1528, environmental compliance inspections and remediation reports and the various environmental policies of many lending institutions. Emily also managed contaminated soil and groundwater assessment projects (Phase II ESAs), conducted hazardous building material surveys and performed indoor air quality assessments. She has also performed storm water assessments, including the development of storm water plans for storm water sampling and has developed Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC).

"Emily’s 10 years of “hands on” experience in performing all aspects of environmental due diligence (including Phase I/II ESAs, Transaction Screen Assessments and Desktop Reviews), coupled with her pleasant and outgoing demeanor, make her ideally suited to develop business for ERI," remarked Greg Lathan, President of ERI. "ERI’s existing customers and potential client base, including commercial lenders and banks of all sizes, are better served by an experienced business development professional, intimately familiar with the technical aspects of environmental risk management, who can promote our resources with a positive and warm personality. Given her attributes, Emily is perfectly suited to continue the nationwide expansion of ERI’s environmental risk management services."  

Mrs. Kennerley holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a Certified Environmental Scientist with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

Mrs. Kennerley can be reached at (949) 328-1315 or ekennerley@eRiskInnovations.com.

About Environmental Risk Innovations
ERI is the nation’s largest environmental risk consulting firm, specializing in the management of environmental risk for commercial lenders.  ERI’s clients include a broad base of commercial lenders, from small regional banks to large banks with national footprints.  ERI develops internal environmental risk policy for commercial lenders, provides third-party review of environmental assessment reports, and conducts Records Search with Risk Assessments (RSRAs)/“desktop reviews” on commercial properties.  ERI is not a traditional environmental consulting firm that performs Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  As a result, ERI’s recommendations represent a truly independent, third-party opinion that conforms to the client bank’s specific risk tolerance. 

For more information on ERI's environmental consulting expertise, please contact Karen Nelson at knelson@eRiskInnovations.com or (704) 548-9333.

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